Old ammo pouch


I confess to total and complete lack of knowledge in this subject in general. Which country and when did this pouch (if it is a correct term) serve? Inside inscription: W.L.B.L.D. 1888, 121.R. Also, there is a square with either “S” or “B” inside. These are hard to read though.


Because of the positioning of the D-Ring and the belt loops, this pouch looks German to me. I really don’t know. Perhaps a pouch for the Model 71 or Model 71/84 Mauser Rifles? The loops inside the pouch would make sense - they look big, as if for an 11mm cartridge, and both the Models 71 and 71/84 were loaded with single rounds (not with chargers). Of course, the 71/84 held more than one round - I meant they were loaded with individualy rounds not on chargers. There is a picture of a German “Landwehrmann” wearing a very similar poouch on page 51 of Erik Windisch and Bernd Kellner’s great book, “Die Munition zum Mausergewehr M71.”


I bought three of these from SARCO about 30 years ago. They were advertised as being for the Model 71/84 Mauser.

  1. 	120.R.  54.R.J.R.II.B
  2. 120.R. 54.R.J.B.II.B [1888 inside square block]
  3. 120.R. [??? Inside long square block]

There are also some letters stamped on the back but I can