Old ammo question? - 40-40 Maynard M1873

any one know what i have here? kind of simalar to manyards but primed and have a two piece case. i dont have a clue.

Fishguts (What a strange user name!!)–All of the rounds are various calibers of Maynard Model 1873. The two piece construction of the case is normal. If you give us the bullet diameters and case lengths we can provide the proper complete names for your cartridges.

thanks ron, they are all the same size and i have the calaper on them for lenght and bullet width?

Fishguts–I think your cartridges are .35-40 Maynard Model 1873. Please give me the case length and diameter of the case at the mouth. Overall length is meaningless as the bullets can be seated to different depths and the bullet diameter is hard to measure on Maynards due to the shape.

thanks again ron the case is 1.900 long and the mouth is .448

the slug itsself is about .405

Fishguts–OK, those dimensions confirm the identity. It is a .40-40 Maynard Model 1873, not the .35-40 I first thought it might be.

Nice find. Model 1873 Maynards are getting harder to find all the time and the .40-40 is not all that common. Just so you know, the Model 1873 comes in the following sizes.:

.22-8 (some say this is a faked size)
.22-10 (some say this is a faked size)
.44-100 Creedmore Paper Patched
.55 Shot
.64 Shot

thank you very much ron, i have1, 35/30,and 3, 50/50s, one was found rite here in Lake Champlain. im in Rouses Point and theres a lot of history here, rite back to french Indian battles here on Point Aufer. i didnt realize maynard came in such a varity.
heres my humble collection sofar, the three musket balls are from the battle of Plattsburg, 20 miles up the lake.

Nice collection and nice display too. What is the white stuff inside the display?

Will Reuter uses a similar way to display cartridges and it is one of the cutest way to display a collection IMHO

thanks pivi, i got the shadow box and the white batten stuff at our arts/craft store here. it was in the same location in the store. i think its Michales? but i think any of them will carry it.

It looks like the white stuff is fluffy fabric used in the making of Patchwork Quilts. In the UK it is called “Batting”.


The frame used here is often called a “Riker mount” and these are sold in a variety of sizes- approx 3" x 4" up to maybe 16" x 20" in various depths, 3/4" and 2" being commonly seen. THey are also avaialble on line individually and in quantity from many suppliers. They come with the white batting material installed, and are also sold with various types of dividers for use to hold coins, thimbles, buttons, butterflies, or whatever stuff people collect.

I find them at some antique shops/malls.

if anyone would be intrested in one of these 40/40s i may trade for a maynard round i dont have.

Speaking of Maynards - True story.

A couple of years ago my brother and I were fishing out of a small boat on one of the local lakes. Things were very slow and boring and we started talking about cartridges. He reached in his pocket and showed me a 40-40 Maynard that he had just bought, It was in the best condition that I have ever seen for a Maynard. As I was handing it back to him, I fumbled it and, as you might guess, the Maynard went into the water. Aaaarrrggghhh.

Last year we were on that same lake when he hooked and landed a big bass. It was a real trophy fish. When we got home, he was cleaning it and you’ll never guess what he found inside. A full set of fishguts!

Dear Fishguts
aside from the fact you will probably “take some stuff” with a handle like that, some Maynard M-73’s were made to shoot back before they became (uncommon) collectors items (early in the 20th century). A method to tell if yours are original is to put a magnet on the primer. Original M-73’s had an iron anvil. The later ‘shooters’ used brass for the anvil, as easier and probably cheaper to make, but otherwise case construction was the same.

However there is a letter from Dr. Maynard’s, Mass. Arms foreman that they were trying other material as the anvil, but the letter doesn’t say in what case type this was tried. Even back then, & while in production, they were having problems with corrosion.

I should further say no round that I’m aware of has been identified as one of these ‘alternate material anvil’ has been authenticated.

Hope this is of help.

ray was the first part of that story true? thanks Pete i will try that.

It seems that you’re not the only one to doubt the first part of my story. But, it’s true, there really are lakes in AZ. Although, most of Arizona’s water is underground where it belongs.

;) ;) ;)

i bet you cant swim!

In the USN, they issued us life jackets. ;) I always made a point of staying out of the water, and never going below the water-line when on board.