Old ammo

I was recently given a load of old, and to me odd, ammo and brass. I am pretty familar with most ammo, but some of the stuff is unknown to me. Here they are:

32 Long Colt
32 S&W
6mm Remington
338 Win Mag
444 Marlin
.30 Remington
7-30 Waters
450 Marlin

There are a few of other kinds that I did not list.
Should these things just be tossed? I have no guns that use them and most are rounds I never heard of.

Andy - If you can’t use the ammo, and if you don’t find it to be collectible, then you can trade it at a show or to another collector, or you can sell it online at one of the gun auction websites. Many gun forums also have buy/sell/trade areas for this kind of thing. We have a folder here for selling, but you must be an IAA member to offer things for sale, and it must be done in that folder (not this general discussion folder).

To find other collectors in your area, just let us know where you are, and maybe an IAA member here local to you would take a look at it?

If you want to know its value, you might find some of the exact same types for sale at Gunbroker or the like.

Heresy - Ammunition should never be tossed. You didn’t provide much information, but several of your examples are designs of relatively recent vintage (at least within the last 40 or 50 years), such as the .444, .338, .450, 6mm, and 7-30. The .32s and the .30 Remington were introduced in the late 19th and early 20th centuries. All could have been manufactured much more recently, and are still with us in one form or another. In short, what you have is not likely to be be considered rare, unusual, or valuable to ammunition collectors, but if they don’t take a lot of room, just hang onto them. You’ll find someone who wants them.

Serious ammunition collecting is about DETAILS. It is impossible to value any round of ammo without them. Photos are best, side and bottom.