Old Amron 9x19mm full box


Recently acquired a full box of 9mmx19mm made by AMRON. The rounds are 9mm Hemi 90 grain Soft points loaded in nickel plated cases headstamped “AMRON 9mm LUGER”.

I already had this round and an empty box in my collection, but it was interesting to find a full intact box. Cartridges are packed in a white foam holder with a cardboard spacer underneath to take up the extra space in teh box. The mainly light blue color box was made by BECK Carton in Milwaukee WI/USA. Markings are in white and black. Front has “amron” with circle target behind the “P” in white and “50 center fire/cartrideges” in black. Stamped on inside one end flap is X-3-2. Side panel has white amron logo with “amron a gulf + western systems company, Milwaukee Wisconsin 53186.” in black. Back has black print satement about quality and cautionas well as disclaimer re safe use. End flaps marked “AMRON” in white on Blue, “9MM HEMI/90 GRAIN” in black on white background. A neat addition to the box collection.


I have a similar design Amron box in .30-'06. There must not be many Amron boxes around as the one I have is the only one I’ve run across. I got mine maybe 10 years ago from a “Junk Box” of miscellaneous ammo at a gun show. I made a posting about my Amron box several months ago, and one of the responses indicated that most of the Amron ammo made was not boxed in Amron-labeled boxes. The headstamp of the rounds in my box is a plain "30-06"and nothing else. What’s your 9mm headstamp? By the way, Amron is Norma spelled backwards.