Old cartridge early 1900? Linked to a shipwreck story

We have this cartridge shell as per picture and are trying to verify a family story. The story of this cartridge shell which has been passed down a few generations of the family is that it was used by some ship wrecked sailors to send a message back to mainland , it was fastened to the legs of sea birds, we have old newspapers articles that confirm the story but would like to try and identify if the shell is in the same era. Does anyone know the maker or era of the shell?

This is most probably a 12x44R Remington case, likely produced by RWS (of Germany) for Larsen’s Våpenforretning (meaning Larsen’s Gunshop) of Kristiania (name of Oslo prior to 1925) in the c1886-c1920 period.

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Thankyou very much. This means the date of the shipwreck is withing the range of the years you mentioned