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Continuing the discussion from 9 x 19`s ID Please:

In this old discussion about cartridges with nylon/teflon projectiles I found the headstamp 83 9mm12.
I have this cartridge in my collection, signed in as 9mm Hi Standard AF experimental Skyjacker.
But the headstamp 83 9mm 12 puzzles me, who can help?

And has anybody new information about this cartridge/projectile? I did not (yet) unload ons to see the powder


Jaco - you have the purpose of this cartridge correct. It is a Anti-Highjack load. However, it is long past the series of anti-highjacking ammunition made up for the experimental High Standard Pistols years before.

This is part of a series of similar load, the first ones loaded in cases dated 1981, with all those following dated from 1983, made in South Africa. I am not clear on who actually loaded them, but the case headstamps are military made by Pretoria Metal Pressing (PMP). To quote the source shown below, “These are white teflon bullet. Various weight were tried to ind the optimal weight. They were for use in aircraft hi-jack situations were (SIC) hi-jacker could be disabled without the bullet penetrating the thin skin of the pressurised (SIC) cabin of the aircraft.”

Reference: South African Study of RSA 9 mm Parabellum. Incomplete document with no cover sheet. hence date and author unknown to me. Pages 195-196.

John Moss

Here a photo of some related rounds.
I think it is from a discussion here in the forum.
Maybe somebody can locate the thread again.

EOD - According to the RSA Source I gave in my last answer on this thread, the ones with truncated bullets are a separate matter from those with the very flat meplats. I will quote the source:

"9 mm Parabellum Grenade Blan (SIC):

These blanks were developed to fire a treat gas grenade from the muzzle of the UZI submachinegun. The plastic bulle is hollow inside."

The rounds listed, with similar headstamp style to that of the cartridge initially shown on this thread, as all from 1984 and 1985. The treatise I am using for information describes 8 different variants.

It is correct to say they are related rounds, I think - as you described them - because they use plastic bullets, and are from just after the anti-skyjack developments. But, they are a separate type.

John Moss

John, thanks for the details. As you and most know I am no expert in this (if in anything at all).
I just thad the image and no propper description.

So the pointed ones are grenade propelling cartridges, correct?

Thank you all for the quick response. I found the original article, as mantioned in my first item, but there was no absolete solution about anti-skyjack. And nothing about the headstamp. So I am very glad to get this all now!!
Including the reference :-)

Grtz, Jaco

EOD - According to this RSA treatise, or outright book - the 9 mm section I have goes from page 168 to 218, and is well illustrated, although some information is pretty scant - the pointed ones are grenade propelling cartridges.

I wish I had at least the title page and publisher’s page of this work. If anyone has it and could scan those two pages, so I know the author and about when it was published, I would appreciate it very much. Even though this is obviously a quality work, I don’t really like quoting printed material where I can’t give any details about the who, what, why, where and when of the material.

John Moss

I tried to find your book John, but no, sorry.