Old European 12g Shotgun Primer Sizes/Style

Hi all. A friend recently brought to my attention a difference in primer style in some old Baikal 12ga rounds. They are obviously a different style to the 209s we see today. This primer size/style has also been observed on an FN 12g and S&B 12g from roughly the same era as the Baikal.

What are the details of this primer size/style? Pictures are from both of us.

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The Russians do referr to this primer as the “Gevelot” type.
Nothing special in this I think.

If you are interested I know a gentleman who is a primer historian and cartridge collector, I should be seeing him this weekend and can ask if he is ok with me giving you his email as I do not think he is on the forum.

That would be great thanks.

Even if you could just show him these pics and type his response.

Thank you.
Do you have any sources for that?

I Looked up Gévelot style shotgun primers and even in older looking packers it’s got the standard style primer of today.

The Baikal cartridges are loaded with the Russian “Gevelot” closed type 5,67 mm primer. This is the “N” variant with non-rusting composition that is marked “NG” in Latin letters. It was manufactured by several companies, all using the same marking.

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