Old Forum Information


Has it been decided what to do with the information on the old forum?
In my opinion, it would be a shame to lose all that acculmated knowledge.

Since the old forum was run with a freeware forum program and thus can be given away, why not just make a zip file of all the data and include the forum program with the file. This could be made available, assuming there is enough space on the hosting server, on the IAA home page as a download for those who what it. Just the data file alone without the forum program is practally useless as the data is not just a text file.

Just a suggestion from someone who searchs the old forum for information often.



The information has not and will not be discarded. The Forum Master is looking at various ways to make this accessible to people [u]without[/u] simultaneously providing an attachment point for the bots we left behind.

This is pretty much the next priority.



That is why I suggested a zip file of the entiire forum as it now stands. A zip file would not allow the spammers access to anything except the file on their own computer as downloaded. Once the zip file was downloaded and opened on a persons personal computer, if the forum program was included in the zip file, it could be vewed and searched just as if it was still on the IAA site.


We have zipped archive files in a variety of formats without the forum software. Not sure what that would entail, but will pass it along to others who would know better.

At this point - as I understand it, and I’ve been known to be wrong at least once a day - we believe it should be possible to create a searchable archive file of the older posts directly accessible from this site and this is the focus of the present work.

Preservation of the old posts was / remains as much a priority of as establishing this new site. The issue of how to make them accessible hasn’t been solved . . . yet . . . but believe me, it is very much on the front burner just behind having this place operational and the move was not made until we were sure the data could be saved.

We’ve had to push hard to bring this on line in a relatively short time just to have a spam-free area with greater capabilities all could enjoy. Undoubtedly, there are kinks which we need to iron out yet, but the staff are absolutely committed to making this site as useful and attractive to the IAA membership as we can . . . it’s simply a matter of priorities.



Teak–I have the zipped files of the data that John S. sent me a month or so ago to try to work on the seaching problem. I have not found a way, without the original forum software, to do it in a manner that results in a usful output. But, as I have said, since the forum software is freeware and thus there is no restriction to dispersing it along with the data, I see no reason the entire forum as it is presently set up on the server could not just be zipped. If the zip file is then placed on the IAA home page as a download, there would be no danger to the IAA and as long as the person who downloaded it and opened it in a seperate file on there own computer, thus in effect becoming their own server, but not linked to their browser, the spam links left in the database should not cause any problems. While I do not claim to be an expert on implementing forum software, I have been working with computers since 1965 and I do not think there would be any problems associated with my suggestions. Unless someone more knowledgeable with Relational Databases (which is the format the data is in) can come up with a better method, my suggestion should be easy to use and should work.


I am working on a very simple change in the code that basically turns off the ability to post to the OLD forum and maintains it’s original integrity. I am hoping the testing will be wrapped up in about 24 hours. All the knowledge will stay there, in it’s original format for the masses to delve into.


Christopher B.–Since I did not have access to the Forum code itself, as you do, I could not experiment along the lines you have suggested. I was provided ONLY the database to work with.

I agree, if the ability to post while keeping all the other aspects of the Old Forum on line, that would be a better solution than my suggestion
of a zipped file to download.

However,if it is found that the posting part of the old forum program can not be removed or disabled, than my zip file idea could be used.