Old Greek shotshell ID


Hi all,
Today I got this old Greek shotshell, which was produced by sellier & bellot.
Can anybody help me with dating this case?
Many regards Rene


Hi René,

Great find! It was made before WW2 by S&B in Schönebeck for a gun shop named “Belgian Market” that was located in streets Vissis 25 and in Gladstonos 2, Athens. They also used the brand “Olympia” and imported Baschieri & Pellagri powder.




I think it says “Made in Germany” but it is all Greek to me.


Hi Fede,
Thank you very much for that information!
I must say that I am really happy to add this to my collection.

Regards René


Hi René
Nice find


Here is an example of a top wad used by this store found in a much later B&P F2 plastic cartridge. Note that it is marked “A. E.”, which stands for Anonymous Etairia and is equivalent to “S.A.” or “Limited”.


I should clarify that I don’t know which is the correct English name of this company, but the French name was “Bazar Belge”. Below you can see an example in a shell made by Cartoucherie Française.