Old italian Pinfire Cartridge



Made at the Artillery Arsenal, Turin, 1881.( a building which is now in the Center of the City, and serves as an Artillery Service Administration Center and Staff School. The Actual “Maestranze” or general workshops were in an out-of centre district, about 15 minutes walk from the “Arsenal”…These workshops (Borgata Dora) had acess to waterpower, steam power, and later, electricity. There was based the Waggon, Harness,Artillery, and other equipment workshops, as well as the Forges etc. for production of Vetterli rifles and early Carcano rifles.
Ammunition was also made there.

The Piedmontese Army had adopted the LeFaucheaux Pinfire Revolver in the early 1860s; They were amongst the First European Armies to adopt a cartridge revolver for General service. (Others were France, Sweden etc) in the 1860s. They were eventually replaced by the M1874 Glisenti BP Revolver, an Improvement on a French 1870s design.

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Because you know pretty well Italy I have two questions for you.
They are about the beginning and the end of Leon Beaux

1)I am trying to find the exact year of the end of the closing of Leon Beaux ?
Have you any document (bill, order, letter, sale, and so on) giving some info

  1. Have you any document about Societe franco italienne des munitions (before it was "societa franco italiana Leon Beaux) ?



My latest official document is 1969. Have you something newer

And we know it was founded in 1884. But Which one ? SFIM or SFI Leon Beaux ??