Old leadbullets and paper cartridges


I start this new website about leadbullets and papercartridges. Still under construction.




genkideskan–Nice start. Great photography. Do you plan to continue the bi-lingual format with English? I noticed that it was only used on part of the pictures.


hi Genkideskan,

Can you read french ???
Tell me excatly what is your field of interest ?
Indeed from time to time, doing my researchs, I come across articles talking about paper ctges.
I don’t save them because i am not collecting this kind of staff, but if I know they are of interest for you I can save them




I will finish all German States, Europe, Russia and USA in german and english language.
Former or later :-)


French language is no problem. I look for bullets and cartridges 1800 - 1880.

Best Lothar