Old Match .45 ACP is it Collectible?

I have some old 45 ammo from a estate. Wondering if it is collectible? Bought it to shoot but don’t want to blow through something worth resale.

It’s all collectable, unless you have it.

These boxes were only made for a reasonably short time with this twist-to-open feature. I can only think / guess they didn’t travel well.

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No, they did not travel well, nor did they always ship well to the dealer.
I remember seeing some that split open in the packages coming from the distributor.
The fact that that box is not split would make it worth a buck or two more, yea?

What would they (8 boxes) bring and where should I put them for sale? Your opinions.

Current Federal Gold Medal Match .45 ACP sellls for $39~45/box of 50.

From a collectors standpoint, I have no idea what they might sell for… you might try the IAA for sale forum.

If you just want to sell them off, you might take it to a gun show- maybe you know someone that has a table?- and put it out at $45~50 and see who bites.