Old more or less center fire ctge

I don’t remember the name, but it is old and very scarce; (:
top view :

side view:

bottom view:

Is it a needle-fire case? Any dimensions on it?

no, it is a center fire
dimensions ? about 12 mm in diameter

No, I’m thinking it might be a case for a Dreyse needle-fire revolver, like this one: downeastantiques.com/detail. … item=11326 I suppose these are technically “centre-fire”, but they worked in the same way that the needle-fire rifles did, with a long pin that passed through a cork disc to strike an internal percussion-cap.

I remember now
It is a 10 mm Beringer.
the brass part is in fact used to extract the case from the revolver
The percussion is, as the other Beringer ctges (shotshells for exemple), on the side.
It is not a Rim Fire, but a Side Fire