Old Pages From Munavia come back



I try to restore olds pages from the old website Munavia-21
So the essentials from the rares draws are saveds and Ok:


The ammo index works 50/70% and need to repair, some obsoletes pages need to be delete


So i hope prochainly ad a good lot of draws .

Best Regards, Dan

Dan Gilberti


Very interesting, thank you.

Très intéressant, merci.


There is a wealth of good in formation in there, very good work, thank you.



Dan, great site! I missed it - good to have it back!


Dan- Thank you! Lots of good info. Glad to have it available again.


Excellent information. THANKS!


Thank you very much.

Were can I find those draws?



Thank you very much.

Were can I find those draws?

Hi, theses draws coming from SFM factory are all in differents privates property.
I have a great number of it, others peoples have certainly others draws or copy.
Inerts ammos, dummys and diverses things coming from SFM was sold in big Auction in France some years ago.
Bsrg, Dan


Good to see the pages back again.
Thank you very much!