Old paper shells and 22 calibre round identification please

Hi, I have found a wooden box of Eley Kynoch 16 gauge pinfire paper shotgun shells and some centrefire .22 rounds that I think are pre WWII and was wondering if anyone could shed some light on their age and value. The shotgun shells are in wooden box which has lost its paper label and they each measure 1 3/16" total length.

The .22 rounds are 22mm total length (bullet and case). The bullet is 5mm diameter and 7mm length. The head diameter of the case is 8-9mm and the length from the head to bottleneck is 10mm and bottleneck to bullet is 5mm.

Pictures of shells

Pictures of .22 rounds

Thank you for any advice or input in advance

I think the “.22” is actually .297/.230 Morris short. There was also a Long and extra long. These were “rook” rifle cartridges.
Can’t help with the pinfires

Thank you sportclay. That is exactly what they are and is of great help. Now to age the Eley pinfires??

I just wanted to say, you have one nice box of pinfires!

Someone should be able to date these for you, but for now, all I can say is that the pinfires were probably made before 1926…?

Also, the “ICI” stamp represents “Imperial Chemical Industry’s LTD.”


I think the pinfires are after 1926 (ICI headstamp started in 1926) but before WWII. I could be a saluting blank.

M89 is correct regarding AFTER 1926. I must have had a brain fart last evening - sorry!


From your user name, I presume you are in the UK?

Apologies if you already have the correct license, but the .297/230s are “Section 1” ammunition in the UK and require a firearms certificate to possess them.

Just a bit of advice to stop anyone getting caught out.

I would suggest that the pinfires are almost certainly for an alarm gun, “poachers” or maybe “bird scaring”.

I have never seen that type of box before, does it have any labels by any chance? The few wooden pinfire boxes I have seen come with some form of dividers/separator’s for the cartridges.


Here is a similar box with same headstamps on the cartridge that was auctioned a couple years ago in the UK. I can not remember exactly what it went for, but I vaguely recall it went for more than I was expecting; maybe $300 or so.

Thanks Aaron, not a box style I am familiar with, so great to see something different. One of the few things I have not come across for sale yet in the few years I have been collecting is wooden pinfire cartridge boxes.