Old Peters rifle box date?

Can someone tell me is the little numbers on the far right side (792) a date code? I was thinking this box was from the 20’s or 30’s, how far off am I?


theguncellar–The .30 Rem. Autoloading was introduced sometime between 1906 and 1909. So that is the earlist your box could be. The “792” is a Load Index Number used to identify this load when ordering it from the Factory or Wholesaler.

I would guess your box is about 1910-15.

There is a short article on dating Peters boxes on the IAA website, While no box with quite the same label style as yours is shown, it dates two-piece boxes of this construction, and with labels later than the green ones, as being from 1912 to 1923. Pretty much the same as what Ron said. However, the box design with the gold-color border and the red line, with the double, concave curves on each end just inside the gold border, was used at least as late as 1923, because that is one of the early box designs for the M1923 .45 Shot cartridge for the Thompson SMG. The only thing really different on your box is the lack of the large, elongated P, the loop of which encloses the cartridge picture on the Thompson cartridge box. I would judge that your box is from the late teens or the early 1920s, based on the color scheme. I don’t know if the elongated red “P” enclosing the cartridge drawing was used on rifle boxes or not, but it is commonly found on labels for pistol and revolver ammunition.