OLd posters / old friends -message to forum admin

It seems to me that a lot of old friends are not yet back on the forum after the problems. It would be a real shame if we lost them. To be honest, in some cases it would be a disaster for the forum to lose their input. I suspect that in many cases they have switched to other forums.

Would it not be possible for forum admin to fire off a group e-mail to the old crowd to say we are back in business and please come back and re-register?

I don’t know who hacked the forum but if we lose many of the poster we used to have it will just mean that the bad guys have won and the forum has lost out.

I value very much what we have here and if some of the posters don’t come back it would be sad. Of all the forums this has been the most technically accurate and erudite.

Vince–If only we could send an email to all the old forum users. Unfortunately we can not. The loss of the registered users file was the main holdup in getting the Forum back on line. Chris was able to save the data, but the user name file was permanently lost. JohnS. did send an email to all the IAA members that have provided an email address to the IAA, but of course that only covers IAA members. You can help by sending an email to all the cartridge collectors in your address book a notice that we are back.

There were comments to this effect on the other gun and ordnance forums that I frequent. The word is out in that regard.

I posted announcements on 4 or 5 gun sites that I frequent. If everyone tried that we would probably cover just about everyone.

Vince; agreed…we want our visitors back. But I am not overly alarmed for those who want to find us…As I understand it, if you go to the old Forum address it re-directs you to this address…so to that end…we should not lose anyone.
Certainly if you go via the IAA home page, (or other club links) it will take you “here”.
If you search IAA Forum on Google…you end up on “The Institute of Archaeology and Antiquity Forum”…so obviously they own that domain name.

Bottom line…I think we can be found.

Welcome back…”we’ll be ok”

Pepper Burruss
IAA president

Pepper–The re-direct from the Old Forum address has not been set up yet. Hopefully JohnS. will get it set up soon. Right now you get a “404 NOT FOUND”.

In a few other gun-related forums that I frequent, I put the line “Member - International Ammunition Association” in my signature so as to advertise some. If everybody here did this to their other forums identities then this would spread the word some. I think the many other forum users who had been here in years past will slowly get back around to us, and besides, what other free & open forum (in English) is out there that has this kind of information on it with the kind of knowledgeable individuals we have here anyway?

Redirector has been posted at the old IAA Forum site address.

My old ‘favourites’ link is still coming up not found. I left it a couple of days to say anything in case it took time to take effect.

What would be your old link?

I just tried my link for the old Forum on a computer that I haven’t used for the internet in a couple of years. The redirect works great.

My link was to:

Well done!!!