Old Reliable 50-70

I have a 50-70 case with a h/s of OLD RELIABLE .50-70
I found this picture on an on-line auction site with the same headstamp.

Does anyone have any information about this company including time frames and who supplied their brass?

Pete: I have a box like the one you show. My recollection is that it was bought about 1968-72; will check to see if it has a date of purchase notation on it. No idea who the brass supplier might have been. Jack

Hmmmm. On the box it says, “BRASS MADE IN BELGIUM”.

This same Belgium company also made 50/70 cases years ago for Dixie Gun Works. I know nothing more about which company it was. M. Rea

The box I mentioned above carried a note in my father’s hand indicating he bought it on November 25, 1969. Jack

The “Old Reliable” trademark for cartridge cases was first used in commerce February 12, 1962, filed February 19, 1962 and registered July 23, 1963 (a later application included its use on sporting and hunting rifles). I don’t know which Belgian company made the brass.

This is the earliest advertisement I have and is dated December 1965:

The “Old Reliable” trademark was later used on basic cases and rifles by the C. Sharps Arms Co., Inc.

Everyone -
Thank you for your information

An old cartridge friend of mine who has since passed on gave me some information from his studies on the Old reliable headstamp up to about 15 years ago. I do not have any documentation only the knowledge that he has passed on but he was usually quite accurate. So take this for what it is…one person’s (with a lot of knowledge) opinion/research.
Again I do not have any proof other than his statement below. Maybe someone can research what he has stated a bit more…

“The old reliable cases were produced by FN, Belgium in the 1960’s for Dixie Gunworks. Later Cases by Dixie Gunworks were produced by Mast technologies of Las Vegas. Marketed last by Sharps Arms Co.,MT since 1983 when they received a patent for the exclusive use of the “Old reliable” trademark, with cases being made by A-square for them.”

Does any body have a photo of the A Square .50-70 “Old Reliable” headstamp or a line on some cases?

Lot of info. gentlemen. I thank you