Old RG 84 L13A1 shells found in Hong Kong

I found a group of 8 rifle shells in a burnt out mountain side in Hong Kong’s Sai Kung County Park while hiking last weekend. Each say “RG 84 L13A1.” They appear to be quite old, and are crimped. Since it’s illegal to own firearms here, these may be from police, the few people with permits to hunt wild boar, or from World War 2. I’d love to know more about the origin!

Outside my field, but will start the replies and let the guys who know the real answers correct me.

These “shells” were made by Radway Green, a British ammunition plant in 1984. From the headstamp they are clearly military. They may be either 7.62x51mm NATO or 5.56x45mm NATO rounds. The best way to tell is to measure the length of the case to see if it is 51mm or 45mm.


These are fired British 7.62x51mm blank cartridges.

RG is the Manufacturer: Royal Ordnance factory, Radway Green, Cheshire, UK.

84 is the year (1984)

L13A1 is a number given to identifiy the particular type of cartridge.

Perhaps the area was used for training by British forces before Hong Kong was returned to Chinese rule.

Be careful with those cases, as I seem to remember Hong Kong has very strick rules for possession of even empty cases. Check the rules if you plan to bring these out of Hong Kong to avoid troubble. I may be wrong on this, but it’s worth checking.

IIRC, When you are flying to HKG, (Singapore, as well) from say, the Philippines, I have seen signs at the airport, (in the Philippines) that warn that even a cartridge keychain can land you in prison in Hong Kong…


I found a old 7.62 L13A1 RG74 in Hong Kong too, i found it at the beach,i clean it to gold!

The British army was stationed in HK at Stanley barracks


Yes I can verify, I was one of many that used that area for training, I was there in the late 1960s with the Marines and the Gurkhas . We used the British FAL rifle and fired the 7.62 Nato round. It was not a live firing area so those were likely blanks.