Old shell case,identification help needed please

I picked this up the other day,looks to have been cutdown as the top has been folded over to the inside to form a lip.

It measures 15cm tall,base diameter measures 6.3cm and 5.5cm across the mouth.

I’m guessing that it’s an early case as I can make out 97 stamped on the base,which I presume to mean 1897.

Also,it has a type of primer that I haven’t seen before where the tube screws into the base of the shell.

Is this a shell that has been cut down to form a blank round,or has someone messed around with it,trying to make a vase or some other kind of trench art?

Also If anyone could identify the case I’d be extremely grateful!


Hi Andy,

Your case is a Torpedo Impulse Cartridge, Mk.I, and was made from a cut-down 3 Pdr QF case.  The "8 1/2 oz" stamping indicates the loading (8 1/2 oz. pebble and R.L.G. powder), which was used for the 18" Mks.VII and VII* Torpedoes and the 18" Weymouth Mk.I Torpedo.  It was used for firing torpedoes from above water tubes.  Your case is correct and has not been cut down or modified from it's original form.  See pages 495-496 and Plate CI of the 1915 edition of the Treatise On Ammunition.


Hi Jim,

Many thanks for your reply.

I’m truly amazed at your knowledge!

I bought this just for the headstamp,assuming that the case had been ‘messed’ with,due to the amateurish way the lip has been formed at the top of the case.

Is this case rare at all,or are they pretty common?

Also,do you have any idea of value, I paid


I have a copy of the Treatise so can scan and mail it to you here in the UK. Mail me with your postal address at aoe(dot)303(at)tesco(dot)net


Wow! I’m betting it is rare. Super interesting item. Great information Jim.

Jim has a legendary knowledge of artillery and explosive ordnance ammunition.