Old Soviet ammo in Ukraine

Hi guys,

Would anyone know anything about a bullet I picked up in Luhansk, Ukraine. The casing has the markings 270-E. I understand these were made at the Soviet State Factory, possibly in the 1970s? Is that correct or would it go back further? What would the E signify?

I don’t suppose this factory is still in operation in any form?

Thanks for any leads, I’m curious to learn about it!


Soviet times is correct but this one here was in fact made at the Lugansk Cartridge Factory in 1954.
Just coincidence it is right from the conflict where it was made as basically all Soviet ammo is showing up there (by nature).

The factory is inoperational since 2014 due to the war.

The letter " E " in the headstamp is a date code and stands for 1954.

" 270 " identifies the factory code, your case was manufactured at Lugansk, Ukraine. Factory 270 was built by the Soviet Government during WW2.

The Lugansk plant is located in eastern Ukraine in the region of “conflict” between Ukraine and Russia. Before the conflict started Lugansk was operational and conflicting reports indicate it is still in operation.


Wow, thanks both – I’m impressed!

Incredible to know that ammo from 1954 is still being used.

Even older one can be found in use today.

This page has a couple of theories on what happened to the factory (if it’s the same one): https://ukropnews24.com/lugansk-city-of-roses-and-fountains-the-capital-of-the-self-proclaimed-republic/

The Soviets used the date codes r (or L), A, E, N, K for 1952-1956, respectively. Please excuse my lack of use of the Cyrillic letters, that is far beyond my technical skill.

No skill needed, just type here the Latin letters and they will appear in Cyrillic. Or click the small letter boxes of those you are not sure about what to type to produce which letter. Then copy and paste here or into your docs.


г, д, Е, и, к
Ok, I guess that also works.

Seems so. You may try capital letters then. Seems the E is one already.

Baby steps…baby steps.

Lugansk cartridge factory does not work since 2014 (plundered).