Old Swiss Vetterli dummy

I have an old Swiss Vetterli Dummy in my collection.
I like to know if there are more variants of this cartridge. All information is welcome.

r308, this is not a Vetterli dummy but a modern reloadable case made for shooting purposes. It looks the same, or very similar, to the ones made by Spalek in Le Cergne, France. This gunsmith made many different cases and loaded cartridges for guns in obsolete calibers, and also reloading kits. Regards, Fede.

Fede thanks for your replay. This is not a reloadable case. The cartridge feels solid and is about 52 gram (802 grain).The bullet looks like welded in the solid case. The cartridge, along with some other solid cartridges, came from an long ago closed gunshop. I ques this type of dummy was used as a kind of tool.


and this what is?

Hi norby973,

The cartridge looks like a short range cartridge to me.


Richard, I understand that it was made into some sort of dummy, but this was not the original purpose of this case.