Old tesching ctges (12)


I would like an identification of these ctges

From left to right :



#4 is a Danish 6.5mm experimental. Sometimes they show up in small quantities.
Said to be for marksmen but I have no better info.




JP, no. 3 is a .43 Egyptian Remington by Kynoch. Regards, Fede.


#1 is definitely not a 11.15x37R Grenzaufscher which is an “MB” based cartridge. I have seen similar Utendoerffer examples and I identified them as 11.15x38R MS Target (MS8).


thanks to everybody

Brad, the MS8 was not described in your book.
When is the next book ?

About N°2 it is MB76 or 77 ??



JP - the MS (Swiss) and other Swiss, Scandinavian Russian etc were all other non German + Austrian cartridges were included in vol 2 of European Sporting Cartridges.

Both vols are sold out but can still be found in on-line auctions.

I now have double the amount of info on these cartridges, plus colour images and most of the unknowns which is all contained in a database which will be turned into a website when I retire from work - a few years yet.

Re the 9.5x47R - with that early hs it is almost certain to be MB76 - they are very similar.


I have already your two books.
My question is : when is the new book with all the addenda (vol 3) available ?
You can put them on a website . But a book is better.