Old tesching ctges (cinquo)

I would like an identification of these ctges

From left to right :


#1 7x37R Austrian Target Roth case #387 (A59)

#2 probably 8.15x46.5R Target (GSP6)

#3 probably 8.15x46R Target Normalised (GSP7)

#4 9.5x60R Austrian Hunting (A67)

#5 10x60R (.400) Austrian Hunting (A69)

#6 11.6x60R (.450) D Express (EXP38) - rim appears a bit smaller in diameter than normal ?


#6 11.6x60R (.450) D Express (EXP38) - rim appears a bit smaller in diameter than normal ?[/quote]

I confirm about N°6 rim diam = 12.20
It makes a big difference with 14 as given in your book

JP - I questioned the rim diameter of #6 (hard right cartridge) as being smaller than normal.

I assume you mean 14.2mm not 12.2mm and now you are saying that ESC vol 1 gave it as 14.0 ???

But that is not the rim diameter which you gave as 15.2mm - you must be talking about the base (head) diameter…

Anyway , the Rim Diameter on 11.7mm (.450) D Express cases generally varies from 15.53 -> 15.8mm. ESC vol1 gives it as 15.75mm.

Your rim diameter was given as 15.2mm which is quite a bit smaller. Perhaps you can check again.

Thanks JP.

Excuse me Brad
I am sorting hundred of old rounds all mixed in a box (last time I took care of them it was 10 years ago).
Therefore I make a lot of mistakes

rim diameter : 15.35
base diameter 13.80
neck diameter 12.20


Thanks JP - it’s still an 11.6x60R (.450) D Express (EXP38) but you can see what I mean about variations in dimensions - I have seen the base diam down to 13.73mm.

Thanks for sharing these images and information.

Thank you Brad
It is you I have to thanks