Old tesching ctges


I would like an identification of these ctges

All of these ctges have a raised base
From left to right :

  1. Hstp B. Stahl Suhl (raised)
    Rim diam : 12.87
    base diam : 11.10
    neck diam 9.65
    cl : 36
    bull diam 9
    I suppose it is a 9 x 36 R Tesching RP (T8 in Dixon book)
    Could you confirm ?

  2. Hstp H. Utendoeffer Nuernberg (raised)
    Rim diam : 12.95
    base diam : 11.20
    neck diam 9.60
    cl : 36
    bull diam 9.7
    I suppose it is a 9.5 x 36 R Tesching T (T19 in Dixon book)
    Could you confirm ?

  3. Hstp: no hstp
    Rim diam : 12.45
    base diam : 11.20
    neck diam 9.70
    cl : 36.08
    bull diam 9.5
    I suppose it is a 9.5 x 36 R Tesching T (T19 in Dixon book)
    Could you confirm ?

  4. Hstp: Gecado *
    Rim diam : 12.80
    base diam : 11.10
    neck diam 9.50
    cl : 35.90
    bull diam 9.15
    What is this one ???

  5. Hstp: * / GR / * / * /
    Rim diam : 12.45
    base diam : 10.75
    neck diam 9.50
    cl : 37.70
    bull diam 9.15
    I suppose it is a 9 x 38 R Tesching Austrian (T50 in Dixon book)
    Could you confirm ?

  6. Hstp: Lorenz Karlsruhe (raised)
    Rim diam : 12.75
    base diam : 11.20
    neck diam 10.15
    cl : 35.95
    bull diam 9.8
    What is this one ???

Thank you


JP, It will take me a while to go through these.

For the first lot:

1->4 are all 9x36R T Tesching T16 #2 & #3 both have bullets with larger apparent diameters so appear as 9.5mm but are 9mm.

T16 are known with the hs listed except for the no hs variation which I have not seen before.

5 is correctly identified as 9x38R Austrian Tesching T50

6 is a 9.5x36R T Tesching T19 which is known with this hs.

I don’t believe that any of the German ones are “RP” type teschings which all have Base diam of <11.0mm.


Thanks !
Give me time to analyze all that.
I’ll come back


hello Brad,
I am coming bak about the identification of number 4
If we take a carefull look on number 3 and number 4 we see there is a big difference on the rim thickness and also a difference in the shape of the case.
What do you think?



JP & Brad, in my opinion the no. 3 cartridge without headstamp is a 9x36R “Carabine allemande” as made by SFM (see drawing no. 9503C). Regards, Fede.


Re #3 Yes Fede well spotted ! You are correct it is the 9x36R French (FR1) and it should have been obvious to me as it had no hs (which I had already noted that I hadn’t seen in T16) and the distinctive over-size bullet. However, in reality I think that the SFM one is just a copy of the German 9x36R Tesching as mentioned in the factory drawings. It is debatable whether these should even be listed separately although FR1 does have that smaller diameter rim which means that rifles chambered specifically for the French version would not chamber the German version. So I kept them separate. A much scarcer cartridge that French one.

Regarding #4 I thought that initially also. However, I think that the lower position of the cartridge in the image gives a false impression of the shape and possibly the rim. We would need accurate measurement of the rim thickness and the complete base thickness to be sure. However these dimensions did vary considerably from company to company and these type of cartridges were never ‘normalised’. I can’t see it being anything else -Stahl/Gecado never listed the 9x36R RP version (T8) that I am aware of.