Old thread - need info

I came across this thread of the old forum:

Who was the author of the first posting with the image?

The author also may PM me.

Really noone???

EOD, I remember the post, and it seems to me that it is one of the US 7.62x39 specialists (no surprise) but I can’t remember who it was.

My recommendation is to check the IAA Directory under specialty 69 & 70 and you will likely find the author if you send an email to the likely suspects.

Now that I have told you what you already know… Sorry!


Lew, thank you for the suggestion, as these people are around here I thought they would remember their own postings and images.
Means I do not want to bother anybody if he decided not to answer in public or by PM.

Maybe jonnyc?

No, not me. My first thought was Ron Merchant, but some of those headstamps may have been photographed in Europe.