Old Western Scrounger Ammo Estate Sale

If anyone is interested:

ows-ammo.com/store/index.php?mai … x&cPath=62

Supposedly, this is only a small portion of what is available, and more will be posted later.

I think OWS has always had an “estate ammo” section, which just represents old collectible ammo that they get in on consignment or for straight sale from time to time - I think?

This is what they say:

“Val has done it again! He has made a purchase of a collection of over 1,000 boxes of vintage ammo! Everything from original sealed boxs of Civil War cartridges, to original Winchester 1873 boxes to Remington, Winchester, Peters, Canuck ammo of the golden ages of the 1950’s. We are putting each box on the website as fast as we can, right now we only have about 100 boxes on, but wanted to get the word out to you, our customers, so you can start checking out this rare opportunity to pick up and fill in your collection. Here’s the link to the section of the site that has this collection, check back often as we continue to update. ows-ammo.com/store/index.php?mai … x&cPath=62”

They sure aren’t shy with their prices. Wow! If these prices are on, no wonder we have trouble attracting young people to the hobby. Ridiculous.