Old Western Scrounger Winchester .22 automatic (model 1903)


I was astounded by the staggering cost of this box, $50. First time in my life I am happy NOT to own a gun (like that). I am told this ammo is not manufactured anymore. Why?


The Old West Scrounger was Dave Cumberland. He was quite a fixture here in Northern California as his gun shop “The Old West Gunroom” was located in El Cerrito, on the eastside of the bay from San Franciso. He and his son moved to the Montague address that is on the box 15 -20 years ago. I think John Moss can provide a better time frame for the move. The company was purchased by Navy Arms in about 2005 and still retains the old name as a department within Navy Arms.



I really can’t provide a better time frame, but I think you are pretty close. His second store remains in business with another owner, still called the “Old West Gun Room,” and run by a chap with whom I had the pleasure of working with at our store, Bob Weaver, before he took over “Old West.”

Dave Cumberland was a nice guy, and highly knowledgeable. He was best know for his love for old cannons, which he shot regularly. He also was responsible for giving us all supplies of ammunition that had not been available, such as 8 mm Nambu, for which there is an “OWS” headstamp, .41 Colt, which, after securing promises from dealers to buy it from him and some idea of the quantity they would buy, got Winchester to make in a “white box” run, using, as I recall, the Western headstamp. He did the 22 WRF also, as well as the .22 Winchester Auto.

I am ashamed to say I don’t know if Dave is still with us or not. He had some health issues, but I hope he is still around. I lost track of him after I stopped going to the SHOT show a few years ago, and since Navy Arms bought his business.