Old winchester 22 short ammo

Hey guys

I have a two boxes of old winchester .22 short both unopened, I wanted to see how old they are and value. One has a red label the other is green both marked pat, 1871.

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Brad–The green box is 1913, as indicated by the small “13” in the upper left corner. This is the label printer date. The red box is 1920. I have idea of the value.

A box like the one pictured in the first photo was sold about 1 year ago for 161 Euros on a German auction

The green box is actually 1908 or after, based on the 4-8 on the upper right. Other date codes on the side sealing label and bottom label (if present) might be useful to get a better idea of its ‘not earlier than’ date… The 13 is the label number.

Guy-I believe you are correct. I could not read the “4-8” on my monitor. I based my comment on Tony Dunn’s book “A catalog of .22 Boxes of the U.S.A.”. He shows the exact same box on page WRA-6 and says “the dates on the labels indicates they were produced until at least 1913”.

Thanks for the info guys! here are some more pics


upload-image.org//view.php?i … 4a3712b04b

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That green label box is quite a nice one, and sealed no less. The other one isn’t bad either. I think both would do very well on one of the better auctions, if you were of a mind to sell them.

I have a nearly identical box of sealed win. .22 short with a 10-8 date in the bottom right hand corner and a label number of 15 in the bottom left hand corner. The major difference is the label is over struck in red printing; SMOKELESS When did this change occur date/label wise? Any Ideas? Thanks, JH

Thanks, Ron -Guy and pivi. any Idea on value?