Old Winchester 6.0" cut-away window shell promo


Here is an auction that I came across and seems too interesting not to mention. I’ve never seen one before, but I don’t collect these anyway: http://www.auctionarms.com/search/displayitem.cfm?itemnum=9489528&oh=216543


Dkconfigration–That is called a Powder Sample Cartridge. They are not common, but they are not really rare either.
More and more of them that I see have the little cardboard discs separating the different powder types tipped so the powders are getting mixed.


I never heard of these before. What were they for? It seems kind of odd to have your powder samples displayed in a shotgun hull , doesn’t it? or were they a promotional thing?


Kimzter–These date from about 1900-1915 or so. They were probably for two uses. 1) As a giveaway at Sporting Expositions, as they were call at the time and 2) For dealers and hardware stores identify the different powders. At that time you could have your shotshells loaded with your choice of 20 or more different powders. In 1910, U.M.C. offered 17 choices. I am sure that many customers did not remember what brand they had been using, but would remember it was orange with square flakes. So the dealer would pull this out and the customer could point to the type he wanted. I don’t know if the pictured shell does or not, but many of the one’s I have seen have the powder names, Empire, Mullerite, Walsrode, Dead Shot, etc., printed on the paper tube beside each sample.