Old Winchester Boxes in 9mmP

Below are four boxes that are on their way into my collection. I enjoy the old boxes. All four of these have ammo headstamped WRACO 9M/M LUGER AUTO.

I understand that the box with the sticker “FOR RIFLE” was intended for export to South or Central America where there was a heavy duty on pistol ammunition. I’d appreciate it if anyone can confirm/amplify on that story. A reference would be great.

The different layout on the three orange boxes is also interesting. Thoughts on dates? The orange label box without an overlabel has a full depth top. The other three boxes have a top that only extends half way down the side.

The box with the read label is full and still sealed. Any idea why it has the velocity label on the front. Perhaps it came from an old lab somewhere.

Cheers, Lew

Three of the labels have the date codes on the lower right, which should provide a not-earlier-than date. Usually the side labels will also have a date. Winchester had their own in-house print shop, and in calibers that had rapid turnover, these label dates can be a good indication within a few years of when the ammunitrion was made.

The red label is the earlier box based obviously on the label date (1906), and on the “WINCHESTER” (non-italicized) at the top of the label, which was used from early 1906 until sometime in early 1911. The lower right box was next; the label date of 1912 indicates this, as does the italicized “WINCHESTER” which was used until sometime in 1913. Next is the lower left box which has the 1920 date and the italicized WINCHESTER without the quote marks. This is considered to be the final design stage for the company name that was used continuously until the 1980s, after which the seriphs on all of the letters except the W were dropped. The top right box is the latest of the four, made sometime after the early 1920s when the date codes were dropped.

I forgot to mention that there was also a tax on handgun cartridges in some of the southern United States in the early 1900s, so your box may not necessarily have been intended for export. Many boxes of cartridges in handgun calibers will be found labeled as rifle cartridges. The velocity label on the red label could be an indication that this was a company reference box. Is there any thing handwritten on one or both ends of the box?

Guy, Thanks for the great info. The red box with the Velocity label is sealed and there is no other writing on the box that I can see. Perhaps it was one of a number of boxes acquired at the same time and the performance was for rounds from a companion box.

Again, thanks!