Older MIDWAY 9mm Luger cases


Happened on a 100 count (by actual count 101) 1989 box of MIDWAY-headstamped 9mm Luger brass. Label states:
05-10-89 ELP
Was this batch made by Winchester?


Nice box. I sure would appreciate seeing a picture of it.

My notes indicate that cases with the Midway headstamp in 9mm Luger were first produced by Olin in 1983. I first encountered them in 1984. These cases were not listed in a 1994 Midway catalog. Your box is interesting because it indicates (the way I read it) that Olin was still supplying Midway cases in 1989. I have never seen a box for these cases.

I have no record that anyone except Olin ever produced Midway cases, and I know of no variations in the headstamp which would indicate that they were produced by other than Olin. Having said that, I would not be surprised if a Forum member turned up information on another manufacturer of these headstamps.




After much anguish and gnashing of teeth, I found a working drive that can read my ancient digital camera 3.5-inch diskette storage media. What can I say, buying the camera with that type storage media seemed like a good idea at the time. I’ve e-mailed you photos of the box top, open box halves with new/unprimed cases, and close-up of the headstamp. Thanks for your information. The eight once-fired cases I found separately all bear the exact same headstamp – the m’s in 9mm actually touch. --d’A