Olin 9x19mm head stamps

In the recent thread about the “purple” .40 S&W cartridges it was mentioned that Olin (WCC) 9x19mm head stamps from after 2006 or so were generally unknown. If it is of interest to anyone, I have the following:

(nato) WCC 10, 11, 12 and 13

(nato) WMA 13 and 14


W C C 0 9 and W C C 1 0

also, WCC+P 04 (included just because I’d not seen +P in a “military” head stamp before)

There might be more in my coffee cans full of empty brass, but they seemed so common to me that I never thought to set any aside.


AKMS - if you ever find anymore WIN 13, I know a collector in California, an old gray-haired litlle fat man with a funny white mustache, that would love to get one. Never seen it before that I can recall.

Thanks AKMS!

In addition to the ones you list, I have:

(nato) WCC 04, 05
WCC+P 05

and headstamps you didn’t list:

WCC +P+ 02, 04

W M A 12, 13, 14

In addition, I was totally missing: W C C 0 9 and W C C 1 0

And missing dates: (nato) WCC 10, and 12

I could have some additional ones in stuff not yet logged in but I doubt it since I just did a quick look a few days ago.


NATO WCC: 87, 88, 90-13
NATO WMA: 13, 14
WCC +P+: (nickel) 01, 02, 04, 05, 06, 07, 09, 10
WCC +P+: (brass) 06, 10
WCC +P: (brass) 04
W C C: 07, 08, 10, 11
W M A: 12, 13

You just beat me to it… I found a W C C 08 today…


And I just came up with a NATO WCC 89, so that catagory runs 87-13.

Blundered into 3 nickel-plated WCC +P+ 14 today.