Olin/Winchester move to Oxford

As Winchester’s centerfire operations have now moved to Oxford MS, does anyone know what manufacturing will remain in East Alton, if anything? I haven’t read that shotshell operations will move from East Alton. Were there any headstamp or packaging changes (other than the address) made after the move to indicate the new location?

I’ve found a new style Winchester USA 9mm 100 round value pack box, but I don’t know if it has anything to do with their move.

ammunitiontogo.com/product_i … value-pack

The picture so nicely referenced by Leon only shows the end label. I have new boxes like that in 9 mm Makarov caliber, and I believe 7.62 Tokarev as well, both actually made in the Czech Republiic. I assumed the change was something instituted by Sellier & Bellot. They were standard 50-round boxes though. This brings up an interesting question. Is the 9 mm Para ammo in those 100-round boxes boxes also made by Sellier & Bellot? Or, is the box design change “across the board” for Winchester CF (pistol) ammunition, regardless of where made?

My room is closed for the night, and I don’t feel like opening it. I will check my boxes a bit closer tomorrow, to see if the new city and state are shown in the address on the box.

My curiosity got the best of me, so I edit this after reopening my room and checking my new Wincherter 7.62 Tokarev a 9 mm Makarov boxes. It still shows Winchester at East Alton, Ill.
That would lead me to believe that the change was made before the move to Mississippi.

It makes sense for an ammunition company to take its business to a state that is less anti-gun.

I think the move was motivated primarily by economic factors resulting from labor union disputes rather than the anti-gun environment in Illinois. Unionization is much less a problem in Mississippi. But that’s a a good reason nonetheless.

I just picked up that same box Leon referenced. Here are the pics.

Other than “Made in USA” and the website I don’t see a manufacturer’s address shown anywhere. That seems strange.

I thought so too. Perhaps it’s an indication of ammo made in MS now.

Any headstamp differences from normal?

Not at all, the standard WIN 9mm LUGER

This move to Oxford should generate a new three letter code for any military contract manufacture from there.

Does anyone know what the code is?

That’s interesting. The lot number of my last box of Winchester 40 S&W is stamped in the old way, on the inside of the right flap, and in the old format, yet it is the new style box. Lot is 29 over A22EM03 equating to 30 Nov 2011/Line 22. The A used to indicate it was produced at the alternate factory – a Winchester box produced on a Western production (East Alton, Ill) line, or Western box produced on a Winchester (New Haven, Conn) line. Perhaps the A now means produced at the new factory. But I haven’t noticed anything different with their 40 S&W headstamp.

Howdy dArtagnan

The three letter code I was inquiring about would not be a lot code but a factory code listed as a Military Standard code as in one of the MIL-STD-1461? books. titled; Ammunition Manufactures And Their Symbols.

The two or three letter code is tied to a specific address. So When the move from Alton took place a new code would be needed, so I’m led to believe.

Westinghouse Electric has WED for Baltimore MD and WEH for Hampton SC address in my April 1980 edition

OTM for Olin Chemical Corp. in Marion IL & OWW for E. Alton, Olin W-W Div. to give you some idea what I"m after.

This code is only used for military contract ID and would be found on that sort of end-use, packaging and ammunition.

Yes, understood about the three-letter Military Standard code for manufacturers. I was just going through my 20-or-so new style Winchester boxes looking for differences and noticed the A-suffix lot number on the most recent box. After you’ve gone through as many previous style and new style Winchester boxes as I have, the placement and format difference becomes a HUGE difference. But with only one box so numbered, the question becomes: Is it a trend?

I don’t know if this helps you any dArtagnan, but here’s the lot number on my box.

2EL01 32

Sorry dArtagnan, your “That’s interesting” comment threw me.