Oliver Ellsworth

I am in Warminster, PA. I just went to a Brazilian Steakhouse called Na’Brasa. It is right in front of Willow Grove NAS, sorry, but the museum is closed due to snow. At the restaurant entrance there was what looked like at table, it had a following placque attached to it. It says: “2029 Oliver Ellsworth launched 8-42 sunk by submarine U215 in Greenland Sea 76.10 N 10.15 E”. It looks like this table is made out of ship’s door. Anyone knows anything about it? Which kind of a torpedo sank it? Sorry, I took the shots with my archaic phone camera.

Check out the Wikipedia. Jack

It’s strange. In this document the name of the german submarine is different


According to the German Wikipedia, U215 was a minelayer, one of only six VII D types built. U215 was sunk in the English Channel in June 1942. Its role and the timing make it very improbable that the ship was sunk by U215.

I have a identical table purchased in Ron Jon Surf Shop in NJ in about 1968.