Olympic Ammunition of Greece

Around the turn of the century, Olympic Ammunition was all over the internet and gun shows. Then it began disappearing. At a show in Phoenix last month there were just a few boxes in various calibers, and the ammo was dated '03. The earliest Olympic ammo I have seen was dated 1998. They rose rapidly in the market and then disappeared.

Has anyone seen Olympic ammo dated before 1998 or after 2003???
In what calibers???

John Moss found an interesting fact. According to material at mw.ua/2000/2245/37581/, Russian/Ukrainian Factory 270 (Lugansk Machine-Tool Plant) in 1997 sold an ammunition assembling line for 9x19mm to Mr Popadopoulos who owned Olympic. The article dated Feb 2003 also said that Mr Popadopoulos still owed $100K for the equipment and was being sued in Greece by a Ukrainian export company.

It seems to me more than coincidence that Olympic bought this equipment in 1997 and the earliest dated round is 9x19 dated 1998. The company was being sued in 2003 and that is the latest dated ammo I have seen from Olympic (on 5.56x45mm).

Has anyone seen or heard of a 9x19mm round made by Factory 270??? If they sold the equipment I have to assume that they made at least a test batch of the ammo before delivery. The article implies that Factory 270 was conducting a garage sale and dumping existing equipment for pennies on the dollar. This implies that the Factory was producting 9x19 prior to 1997.

A very credible source who first provided data on the Olympic 9x19 dated 1998 said that the cases were made in Russia (actually appear to be Czech), the bullets by Rainier Ballistics in the US, the primers by CCI and that the ammo was loaded for the Taiwanese Army. I think some of this info was a bit confused (NPA hst was for Taiwanese Police, and the box was strictly commercial). I’m confident the source relayed what he was told. The important part of this is that it appears to me that Olympic never produced cases, but simply loaded cases they bought elsewhere.

Does anyone have any insights on what production capabilities Olympic had in their facility???

What components did Olympic buy???

Who were the suppliers of components to Olympic???

Look forward to hearing from you on this!!! It would be interesting.

Cheers, Lew

I have heard many times, and always negative things about the .223 ss-109 ammo that Olympic used to make. It used to sell for far cheaper than any other after market / L.E. or surplus SS-109 type ammo, and for good reason, it was awful. Not surprising they were being sued. It used to be easy to find on GB or AA, and at shows. But it’s disappeared as of early 2008 pretty much.

DK - the lawsuit had nothing to do with the quality of their ammunition. Not all their ammunition was bad, by the way. Their 9mm Para ammo, while not always having beautiful headstamps, shot o.k. and their 8 mm Mauser ammunition was o.k. The lawsuit was over non-payment for a loading line of machinery purchased in Ukraine, as Lew reported.

I think the correct spelling of his name is Papadopoulos. That is how it is usually found. Lew reported the name correctly as to how it was spelled in the material from Ukraine, although I think that spelling is incorrect.

The Olympia dates are, in a way, significant to Lugansk production as well.
Lugansk was selling off ammunition-making machinery in the late 1980s and early 1990s. It seems it could have been a modernization of the factory, as in 1994 they began producing, for the first time since the 1950s, the 9 x 18m/m Makarov cartridge. They were producing the 5.45 x 39 cartridge before that, and continued to. Their catalog of circa 2005 is in English, showing an intent to sell abroad, I am sure, and carries only four metallic cartridges - 7.62 x 39, 5.45 x 39, 9mm Luger (so named, in the now international, formerly American, fashion) and 9mm Makarov, and 12, 16 and 20 Gauge shotgun ammunition. On this catalog they show an American Distributor, although it is actually a Bulgarian firm, Arsneal USA I, LLC, of Houston, Texas.

Any future Lugansk ammunition for export will likely carry the headstamp “LCW” for “Lugansk Cartridge Works.” The factory certainly is still producing. I have a FC in 9mm Makarov dated 2007, and a FC in the same caliber with commercial headstamp of “LPZ” in Cyrillic, which stands for “Lugansk Patronney Zavod” or “Lugansk Cartridge Works.”

Not a clue on any of the manufacturing details, but concur with DK that it was trash ammo. Tried it a couple of times. The varied stacatto from full auto guns, if no misfires occurred, was evidence of a total lack of quality control.

I see that Mr Papadopolous also reneged on an agreement to operate and modernize the Suvenir plant in Macedonia. It is now being sold under tender as a bankrupt entity.