OMA and NDN headstamps on 9mm Para

The two headstamps shown below have been known for decades to 9mm collectors in the US and were generally considered to be German. Fred Datig told me he found the first ndn headstamped round in the early 1950s in a large batch he had a chance to dig through in the main Police station in Berlin. These rounds subsequently showed up in a number of places, including in central Africa.Given the unlikely companies identified by the ndn and oma codes, it has been generally agreed that these were made in Czechoslovakia post-WWII as clandestine ammunition. The fact that the rounds occur with both GMCS and CNCS bullets and both have the same overall weight (166gr-170gr) as the Czech steel core rounds from this period.


The one thing that has been missing is a box for either of these cartridges. I have never heard even a rumor of such a box.

Recently a 16 round box turned up which contained two oma rounds and one ndn round. The box contained 13 rounds headstamped (triangle) (star) 12 49 and had been resealed with a thin brown paper covering the original label.

OMA-NDN%20box-maybe-1 OMA-NDN%20box-maybe-2

I soaked off part of the brown paper to see the label underneath. It turned out to be a standard label from Zbrojovka Brno.

It appears to me that this box was repacked with the ndn and oma rounds added, and then resealed.

Has anyone seen original boxes of the ndn and oma rounds?

Has anyone seen Czech resealed boxes similar to this one?

A great deal of this post-WWII 9x19 ammo came into the US as shooting ammo some time back. I have seen some of the 40 rd boxes resealed similar to this box. I would guess this box came to the US at that time, probably sealed and that the resealing was done in the Czechoslovakia.

Opinions appreciated.


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I was sent a list of Czech ordinance codes which included both ndn and oma. The code ndn was shown as used by S&B and oma as an unknown Czechoslovakian factory.


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oma and ndn headstamps have the front style of 1950s normal Czechslovakian ammo, but neither headstamp fits in with the CSSR military code system.
( modified Caeser shift encryption, originating with 1950 tgf code).
That could be why they are True covert codes…within a system of covert codes.
In any case the attribution to S&B etc fits in…there are only a limited number of ammo factories in the CSSR in the 50s…so to the RKI of Warsaw Pact ammo, the origin of these Covert rounds should be reasonably self evident…like the (in)famous AN, BN & CN 40 marked .30 cal. Ammo…the case construction gave them away as US covert ammo…

Over the years most attempts at Covert ammo have failed to deceive the knowledgeable…failure to change HS front, case design ( boxer vs berdan ) powder types, primer crimp or even case metal…has led to the quick ID of a lot of So-called Covert ammo.

Example: German made 7.9 for SCW ; Canadian 7.9 and 9mm for CIA; US .30 for CIA, Chinese Steelcase 7.62 L2A2; Chinese Berdan corrosive LC 52 .30 Carbine,
Italian .303; numerous Czech made NATO cartridges the list goes on…

Doc AV

Doc, Thanks for your input. I appreciate the insights.

Just a comment, the Chinese steel case 7.62 RG L2A2 and LC 52 Berdan Carbine were not Covert. The story I got from someone who dealt extensively with the Chinese importing both guns, ammo and components is that the Chinese had examples of both rounds. and told the ammo company or companies that they were to make copies of them. but make the L2A2 in steel case. The intent of the production was always commercial sale to the US market. So the company simply made copies as directed, including the headstamp. This kind of thing happened often with Chinese made pistols into the 1940s. This is just an aside and no attempt to run this topic off track. Further discussion on this should occur in a seperate topicthat can quote extracts from this and DocAVs post.

I agree on a limited number of possible manufacturers of the ndn and oma and have been told before that ndn was S&B and oma was Z/PS, which I believe were under common management immediatley after WWII.

I was hoping with this thread to find images of the boxes these two rounds came in or perhaps actual documentation relative to these two cartridges. They could have been for Israel since the Czechs were supporting them after 1947, but I have been through a few thousand rounds of old Israeli ammo, which included quite a bit of non-Israeli ammo, and some of the “AE” rounds, but never encountered either an ndn or oma round. Proves nothing, but finding a number of them would have supported them being made for Israel. Of course the Czechs were pretty open about supporting Israel so why covert headstamps? Could be because they were supplied before independence in 1947, or because the Israelis were passing them to a covert organization, either one of their own or one in another country. All just speculation, based on a total lack of facts. The fact that I bought this repack box just because it contained three of these rounds shows how little information I have on this subject. Until this box, I had only seen loose rounds.

Again, thanks for your post.