Omnishock ammo packs

I have seen several instances of the Omnishock ammo packed in the long thin plastic clam-shell containers with graphics on the clear lid, but has anyone seen these types of cardboard blister-pack hangers before?:

I came across the image recently in an Argentine forum and had not seen this pack type before anywhere, including the Woodin Lab. I did however, just pick up a couple new-to-me items which were 44mag and 380acp Omnishock in the typical plastic clam-shell cases, which I had not even seen photos of before:

Before any of these “Omnishock” package types came out, there was the more scarce “Ultrashock” which was its precursor, and which came in either a sticker-labeled MTM ammo wallet, or a rare hole-drilled wooden block thing that is unique in the realm of ammo packaging.

Greetings Matt,
I just found this post and thought it would be a good place to put some more history on the table. The first Omnishock packages were designed to be unique to the ammo world and to look pretty as well. They were, in point of fact, sourced from a packaging company that sold them in the “Jewel Case” section of their catalogue. We custom ordered A-LOT of these to get the price down to something reasonable on a per unit cost. As you can see, the cases were hot stamped with a two stage Gold foil covered by a Translucent Red foil to achieve the final branding. This was and expensive set up charge and they didn’t even get the design right. They used the wrong graphic but my father had signed off on it so we were stuck with it! LOL! ;-) Oh well. Next were the foam inserts for the cases. Two parts, bottom layer and then the top, bullet holding layer. Seemed like a good idea. They did look good and protected the contents pretty well. Or so we thought at the time. In shipping, the weight of the loaded ammo would case the foam to shift about. That was not ideal! Packaging was labor intensive with these things and the labeling etc. so I set about to create a new design form as soon as we ran out of the shipping containers full for the cases that we had purchased on the first order. There is more to the story but these are the highlights.
So, now, in reference to the packages that you show in the photo, these were a second generation of packaging that cost a lot less and had many advantages for shipping, retail display and other factors. Omnishock sold worldwide so finding examples from Argentina was no surprise. I was friends with a fellow who had a fishing fleet and sold guns and ammo wherever he he could set up shop. He had stores around the Pacific Rim, about twelve of them if memory serves me well. He serve as a wholesaler and retailer and sold both styles of packages everywhere he could.
Hope this helps all who collect.
Many thanks,
Robert Ellis