Omnishock Projectiles for cutaways

I have been speaking with DK on and off the forum. As a new member to IAA I will send him some collectible (about 50), Orange coated projectile that were made for the Omnishock .38 spl -P. I am hoping that the fine fellow that he spoke to me of will tun these into cutaways and that they may be given given out to the board members for their efforts in providing us all with this forum and the rest be given out as prizes to the members at shows or auctioned off to somehow support the IAA or whomever the Board of the IAA deems most deserving. I will include letters of provenance signed by myself for each of the projectiles. This my way of saying thanks to the IAA and all its members. I hope to contribute more in the future.
Respectfully Yours,
Robert Ellis

Thanks Robert. We need more old school cartridge innovators like you in the forum! Materials are much appreciated.

Hi Matt,
Should I send you the projectiles to be cutaway or send them to the cutaway master. No sense in paying shipping twice,eh? At this time, I am sending projectiles only as they are “inert” and contain no primer or powder, so those are not a factor in shipping. Saves me some “ORMD” shipping hassles. Later, soon, I will send the full rounds as I inventory what I have and can spare. Please let me know. I am sorry I can’t get these out in time for the upcoming show on the 7th. Hope these are a cool gift to IAA.
Many thanks,

[quote=“Omnishock”]No sense in paying shipping twice,eh?[/quote]Spoken like a true Canadian! :-D lol!



To which “Cutter” are you referring; Kevin Gross or Paul Smith?


Greetings Fletcarn,

I spoke of this with DK but I am not sure which of the fine craftsman he was speaking of. I am sorry I don’t have an answer for you at this point but I will be working on posts throughout the week. Please feel free to offer suggestions of any sort. Since you brought up the cut always, I will take this chance to tell you that DK and I are update ding some much confused and badly intertwined information about Omnishock and another round thought to be related to it. The detailed differences will be cleared up in Matts book as well as here on the forum, but the cutaways show that the Omnishock does Not have a cross head screw in it and never has, and the shape of the rear cavity is a special design that balances the fore/aft weight of the bullet, forms a better gas seal and is part of what allows the screw like expanding member to easily push through the lead main body of the bullet and not prematurely separate as has been reported to be commonplace with the Ultrashock, not patented as the Omnishock is, was a design that was nothing more than off the shelf cast bullets that where hand modified and hardware store tools , and used hardware store screws in them. Omnishock were all swaged bullets from virgin lead and other custom made ammunition components and packaged in custom made high grade packaging for the product. The cutaways will help reveal all of this.
Thank you for your question. I am sorry if my answer was more than it should have been but I want to make sure people know the truth and what they are really looking at!
Many Thanks. Respectfully Yours,
Robert Ellis

Robert had been talking about making some cutaways available, and I mentioned Kevin since he is in the U.S. (where I am) and I would be able to potentially exchange things with him before the next SLICS, where the cutaways in question could be sorted out.

Thanks again Robert for taking time to consider us collectors.

Thanks DK,
I will be sending you those projectiles this week so that this can that they can be processed as needed, unless you speak with Kevin and it is easier to send them to him. Your choice as I have to send you a package regardless and this saves me a box. ;-) I received your most excellent book just yesterday evening and books and began to consume them right away. Excellent work! I have yet to check out the CD but I will later today. Having seen your cutaways, I assume by Kevin, I feel very lucky to work with such a skilled craftsman. His cutaways looked great!
I will be in touch with you and am working on building a stockpile of photos on Photobucket so that I can share them with our members. I am also working on taking some better photos of Joe Zambone’s pieces that he sent me, and well as any documents that I may have from him and other sources.He was a great writer and he was not afraid to try anything to perfect his bullet designs. He put it all out there and made a difference. I respect anyone who has the fortitude that Joe had in trying so hard to make a quality design. I see on this forum and in your books, many such enduring people. My hats off to you all. This is an ammunition collectors site, not my personal soapbox. I only wish to correct the information about my past work and then move quickly into the great work done by so many other people. There is a lot of neat stiff out there and I am happy to be one small part of the group, and I hope to give more than I receive.
Again, many, many thanks for your excellent work in your beautiful and informative books, as well as your generosity with your time here on IAA! What a great bunch of people! Thanks to everyone who contributes here.

Humbly Yours,
Omnishock ;-)