Once in a lifetime collecting opportunity

Any day now Browning branded and head stamped ammunition will be available to purchase.
From the photos I have seen, they will be selling rim fire ammo and center fire handgun, rifle and shotgun ammo.
How many of us can say we were there when a name as iconic as Browning introduced a whole new product line?
Are the first offerings collectible? I vote YES!!!
I have not been able to find a seller yet, but I check everyday.
If anyone finds a source, please post it.

“Once in a lifetime”? It’s the sort of new ammo release with new headstamps that happens several times a year. I’m glad that it is Browning anyway, but it will be fairly common retail fodder - and just my sort of collectible material, in pistol calibers anyway.

Not my area of expertise, (if I could be considered to actually have one!), BUT, have we not had many various calibers headstamped BROWNING in the past ??..1980’s maybe ?


Yes this is the second time around for Browning ammo. Not my area of collecting either but the subject of Browning ammo, first time around, is covered in IAA Journals #392, #393, #417, #420 & #423. I can say the first go around proved a very popular collecting avenue so this time should be no different. Maybe some new calibers, new loadings and new headstamps.


I hope they have a distinctive new headstamp like the new Herters stuff. I have a bunch of “old” Browning singles that are heading to GunBroker soon. Some “old” Herters too. Too bad we will probably never see Dominion or Imperial again.


The Browning website, http://browningammo.com/#, shows the new headstamps all feature the Browning “Buck Mark”. I will be happy when they hit the shelves!

Got my “Inaugural Catalog”. I have not seen any actual ammo yet. I have a standing order with my local dealer for a selection of the new ammo.