One for the big bore fans (6" British Navy case)

Today I bought this case, which is for the British QF 6" Mark 5 Naval gun of the 1950s. This round is, as far as I know, the largest cased round ever used in British service. It was a separately loaded design.

My case was made at ROF Birtley, Newcastle-Upon-Tyne in 1959.

There is some more information on the gun here:

Rick should know this: Didn’t Chuck Norris have a handgun chambered in this calibre?

Actually, that was Chuck’s back-up gun.

Who’s that dark-complected character with the large square head?

I don’t like putting my photo on the net for the whole world to see.

I think they can see your fingerprint lines on your hands. Now you have to buy HMS Falcon to complete the collection.

Howdy Falc.

Nice cart.

Any chance of a pic of the H/S & also case mouth configuration, please?


Regards Ozzi.

Here are the photos you asked for. The case mouth is like a giant screw thread, the case would have been cloaed by a white metal cap that would have screwed in. You can see the start of the thread at the top of the picture. Unfortunately the mouth on my case is mis-shapen.

Here is a photo of a headstamp. This case is not mine, I couldn’t get the lettering to show up on mine. The only differences are that my case is Lot 11 of 1959 instead of lot 10 of 1958. The stamps are all layed out the same. My case also hase the unified thread symbol of three circles joined together in a row under the primer. Mine also has [YT] in a rectangle under the manufacturer’s initials and lot number.


Thank you.

Regards Ozzi.

No problem

That is a beauty, Falcon! SCORE!!! I have never seen a mouth like that with threads B4!~ Very, Very COOL! Gotta love the big stuff!


The threaded case mouths seem to be a British post-war idea. They are also found on the cases for the modern British 4 1/2" Naval Gun.

Did not know that! Thanks Bud!