One Inch Gatling?

This fired cartridge seems to match the USA made 1" Gatling except for the extended case. Is it a Blank? I have no references to 1" Blanks and it does not look like a UK
Nordenfelt or Aiming Rifle Blank. Case has been varnished. Confirmation needed.
Rim 31.1mm
Base. 28.0mm
Shoulder 26.3mm
Mouth. 25.5mm
O/all. 114.2mm
Primer. 8.0mm

Ron, incredible find!

1 inch gattling canister round cartridge case

Interesting the shape of the mouth on this one being coned over so far. Mine is also fired but much more opened-up. Makes me wonder if Ron’s has been inerted rather than fired. After all these were a LOT of lead balls going down range.


The way the primer has been struck also suggests it could have been inerted. The primer looks like it was struck with an object other than a firing pin. It would also be likely flatter due to higher pressures if it had been fired in a gun with a full charge.

The head on mine

Thank you gentlemen for the Cannister identification. I also thought that the shot would have flattened the mouth and that a Blank having less pressure would not deform the mouth. It was a nice find from a box of junk.