One inch japanese nordenfeldt

My question about the one inch Chinese Nordenfeldts brought this reply of great interest;

genkideskan Posted: Sun Jun 10, 2007 10:19 am

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It is not an Chinese 1" Nordenfeldt but an JAPANESE 1" Nordenfeldt.

A japanese NAVY 1 " Nordenfeldt. So they used Kanji but may be with a different JAPANESE meaning. This is OLD japanese traditional NAVY japanese and the character was used to sign the life round.

The Japanese change their writing system after 2 nd WW and so today the meaning of old navy kanjis are mostly forgotten.

Heres an 1 " bullet used as souvenier of the navy reserve league .

I recently bought one of these which was described as having come from Japan off of a Chinese warship wreck. Maybe it was a Japanese warship.