One of the (6,35) Balilla Typs Clip, Box and ammo for the Carcano youth Rifle

As there are several different Balilla Types, here the one for a 6,35 Caliber Version, firing blank ammo only. I Show Clip with the rare Dummy/Training-Rounds and a box of Blanks and a blank cartridge.
Some other types uses steeltubes and cappelozzi as firing cartridges, some only as blank and some others with the possibility to put a lead-bt in front of the adapter-Cartridges…

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SUPER neat!

What is the headstamp on the blank?
can you post a picture of headstamp and crimp/topwad?

no headstamp

Forensic - I have a similar blank in my own collection. Like the one you
picture, mine has no headstamp. The primer is a domed-brass cup. The rim
is thick and very little bevel on the edge, and the extractor groove and bevel
seems to be almost as wide as that on your round. However, the rosebud
mouth crimp (5-lobes) is somewhat longer and more pointed in overall shape
than the round you picture. OA cartridge length is 15.77 mm (0.620").

Do you know of any variation in the rosebud crimps? I guess I am just wishing
that this blank, which I suspect is Italian from the primer and lack of headstamp,
is one of the 6.35 Balilla blanks. Probably it is not.

I have never seen even a picture of the steel dummy round before. Thanks for
posting it!

John Moss

Picture of box in my collection with contents

Bob - Thank you. Interesting box, and an important cartridge. One more
to look for.

Seeing this view of the rounds, I am quite sure that my unheadstamped blank
I described above, while possibly of Italian manufacture, has nothing at all to
do with Balilla Carbine. It is not even 100% that my cartridge is Italian, for
that matter.

Thanks again for posting this. It was very helpful.

John Moss