One Software Question

I can happily catalog my collection using just about any spreadsheet if I could just find an easy way to type in a headstamp and have my computer spit out a reasonable representation of the headstamp as it exists on the case head, accurate proportions would be a plus. How do you guys draw your headstamps?

I used to draw them using AutoCAD but this is really time consuming. I bought a program called Headstamp designer and this works really well, it has the feature to type on a radius so you don’t have to space it yourself. It also comes with many “pictograms” such as the , (+) Nato already drawn for you, you just import them.

Although I never learned how to use it I believe you can use Corel Draw as well. I also understand that CartWin has a headstamp drawing program but have not seen this.

Yes, CartWin does a great job on headstamps, but for $1400+ (950 Euros) it should.

Tell us more about the Headstamp Desighner program. Where do you get it? How much does it cost?

Headstamp Designer for 50 Euros ($77.48) seems like a good program for the money. JP, thanks for the link.

Does that price include shipment of the CD to the US or is it available by download?

Good question, contacted the administrator: He speaks English him, not as me!

Thank you Will and Pierre-Jean for pointing me in the direction of Headstamo Designer.

Ron: I followed the links and Paypal-ed the 50 Euros. I recieved an email a bit later from the author, stating that he was a bit surprised to recieve 50 Euro out of the blue, but that it would be another 2.35 Euro to cover Paypal fees. As soon as I surrendered the remaining Euros, he emailed a reply that he would burn a CD and have it travelling in my direction asap. I will keep you updated when the software arrives.