Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private


Oops! That page doesn’t exist or is private. I’m just curious why this rather strange heading is across the top of the page when I log into the forum. It implies that I am missing something…am I?



Am I the only one who is seeing this? I know its doing no harm but I don’t like it!



Well, yes and no.
I saw this page once. But it was not during login. It appeared after logout when I inadvertently clicked the “back to the prevous page” button of my browser (Firefox). Alas, I could not reproduce this behaviour.

Normally, I open any forum in a new tab and close that tab after logout. I never saw the Oops-page in these circumstances.



I’m grateful to you for the corroboration…I was beginning to think I was the only user seeing this!




You are not imagining things. If I log out of the forum and then try to access the Fourm using my “Favorites” list or try to view the Forum from another computer or do a search under the title “Iaaforum” and log in from there, the page you describe comes up. I found if I click on the “IAA (in a box) Forum” located in the upper left of the page it opens the “regular” Forum page. The first time it happened I was a bit mystified but after clicking on various things I finally got to the right page.

The joys of modern information/communication technology!




Thanks Brian, I’ve reconfigured my shortcut to the forum and no longer see the message. Its just annoying to think its still lurking there though…!




I can also see it (or make it happen), it would appear from a link to a page that has not been set up in the “build of the forum”. OR an incorrect command line to a page.

For example if I go to my logo (for you that would be the “J”) and right click it, I then click the link Earned Anniversary, I will get a smiley with :( Page Not Found. Under this is a link to a page telling you what the fault was, in this case trying to load /badges/24 (in blue) and if you try and click that link then I get a very similar result to you (see picture).

However now you have reconfigured your shortcut you will not get it (for that command)!!

All that message is doing is telling you that the path you used doesn’t work or basically does not exist, it is not a problem just an explanation for a command that does not work.

I hope you can understand my rather bad explanation.




Out of the 20,000 or so pages that I was able to have the old links auto redirect to the new link there was one single page that, because of how the old forum treats it, I was unable to apply the redirect to it.

And that is when you go to http://iaaforum.org/forum3/index.php

As others have mentioned. Just change your link to https://forum.cartridgecollectors.org or bookmark that page.



Thank you people, all sorted now. When you’re inept with a computer its a great help when someone advises you what to do!