Opinion wanted

About a year ago there was a post on the cartridges that were being made by “Synergy Business Development International” or SBD and “Extremely Lethal Projectiles” or ELP. Disregarding the claims what the bullets do should a collector include them in their collection or are they to be considered junk?
Thank you Carolyn

The way the world politics is going they may become highly prized rare collectibles uhhh…in about 1 year.

Whoa asking for an opinion! All Right !

My 2¢ is if it appeals to you & you feel it would fit with others of like items go after it, but do a bit of shopping. As I recall these were selling for $125 a box? but I got one for about $5 or less? at SLICS (if I’m thinking of the same round?)

To my mind a collection of say .32 S&W’s it meaningless if you only have the raised Phoenix Metallic headstamp without all the other 200 variations of 10¢ to $2.00 rounds. What can you lean from just a couple of variations of such a common cartridge, even if one is worth a grand? Granted when you sell the collection if a buyer wants the Phoenix then they will also be buying all the others too, if so priced.

There are a lot of things that appear on the market for only a very brief time. Either you get one or you don’t. This has been true forever, & the reason why things like the few “common” Milbank primed rounds sell for over a hundred dollars today. Who knows what will be rare tomorrow.

If your collecting just as an investment (& nothing wrong with that) then you have to do a bit of gambling. However I’m the wrong one to give an opinion about that, having bought one of the Soviet 5.56 pistol rounds for $125.00 when they first came out & a few years later buying a full box for less that one dollar each. Not a brilliant $125.00 investment, but how was I to know!

So if you like it collect it. Don’t worry about rarity if you like it & can afford it & still eat regular, then it’s all good!

Are they more interesting than, say, .22 Boxes? Shotshells? .50 BMG cartridges? Primers? 9 x 19mm? Gyrojets? Artillery projectiles?

To some people the new fangled hyper-described stuff may be fascinating and they will want one of everything. To others, the fields above may be much more enticing.

None of the above should be acquired as “investments” but rather as a pleasant way to have fun “collecting” something.

That is why both chocolate and vanilla ice cream sell well, although some people just don’t like ANY ice cream.

Carolyn, Good question, I think that if it appeals to you, and fits the intent of what you collect, you should collect it.

The ELP rounds fall into the same catagory as the MagSafe did for years. They often look like they are made for collectors, but the prices are $1-$2 per round for most of the 9mmP. Some of the other calibers are a bit cheaper or a bit more expensive. Regardless of what the story is, they appear to be sold at about shooting prices, and given what would be required to make some of them, there can’t be a huge profit margin.

I’ve have both the early MagSafe and the current ELP in my collection to document what they are and the variations and when they were sold. Others may dismiss them as not “serious” cartridges, but the definition of “serious” is in this case a personal one and I’d not argue or deride what anyone decides to collect. After all, Bill Woodin who is the most serious collector I know of, has a “fake” collection of rounds that are documented fakes.

Bottom line is that it is your choice about collecting ELP rounds, and were I you and someone criticized or made fun of them being in your collection—write that person off as a less than serious collector or worse!

Again, this is my opinion.


PS: Pete, you are refering to the G2 RIP load that has been selling for a lot of money for a 20 round box. I just got an email that boxes are not available for the previously established retail price of about $50 per box.