Or stalin? Romanian?

Here I have a 12 Ga shotshell of which I would like to find out who and from were or when


I know the headstamp looks like OP Stalin but it is OR stalin UZ2

many regards rené

René, nice find! This is a Romanian shotshell made by Factory No. 2 (“Uzina 2”) in Stalin City (“Orașul Stalin”). This was the name of the city of Brașov between September 8, 1950 and December 24, 1960.



Hi fede.

Thanks for this great information.
I had this for many years and tried several searches.

Many Regards rené

UZ 2 is today “S.C. CARFIL S.A. Brașov” of Brașov.

René, indeed a great find! Any chance to get a larger image of the primer and the symbol on there? It looks like a rabbit.

you are right about the rabbit.
Never noticed it before.
I try to make a better picture of it.

Regards rené

Maybe you can crop the primer section only so the image stays at highest possible resolution?

This would be great as I could try to extract the rabbit to render it into a b/w line drawing.

here is a close up of the primer.


regards rené