Orange Winchester "Hunter" Shotgun Shells

My Uncle recently stopped hunting and gave me all his ammo. Included in it were some 12ga. Winchester “Hunter” shotgun shells - these have an orange hull, and contain 1 1/8oz of 6 shot.

I’ve never seen any Winchester ammo with an orange hull. Are these shells very old or rare? Does anyone know about when they were made? Thank you!

I have numerous Winchester catalogs from 1881 to 1928, with some gaps, and I cannot find any reference to a ‘Hunter’ shotshell, loaded or empty. Is ‘Hunter’ part of the headstamp, or is it printed on the paper part of the shell?

Welcome rabbithunter!

Like the illustrious Cannon Cocker said, never heard of a Winchester Hunter but, at least in my case, that means little.

Nothing is better than pictures! Side views, headstamps, crimp and especially boxes.

The color could have faded to what you see now. I have quite a few shells that are not the original color.

Hello Rabbithunter,

I have got a Winchester shotshell called Hunter. This one has a plastic case and has a large X with hunter written below it.
This is a fairly modern case. I think perhaps 10 years old.
When you talk about paper shotshells called Hunter I cannot help you.
Regards René

I, as I think others did, assumed you were referring to paper shells but re-reading your post I see that you did not say whether they were paper or plastic. In general, I consider plastics “new” but they go back 40-50 yrs so to some that would be old.

Winchester has made some 12ga shells, in fairly recent years, in gold, silver and black, if not others, so its likely that an orange hull, promotional load was made. Obviously, if you have them they were. You didn’t say where you were located either so what I see here in the states may be totally different.

Show us some pics, if you can, and I’ll quit stabbing in the dark!


I’m not sure of their manufacture date, I have one example in my collection, also a #6 shot. Would love to see a picture of the box they came in, nice color to have in a shotshell.

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The Super-X Hunter shotshell with orange hull was introduced in 1993. Also made in 20 ga. with bright yellow hull.