Orcutt Primers

I bought this at the SECCA - Sioux Empire Cartridge Collectors Assn. show last August in Sioux Falls, SD.
Tin is full.
Bob Ruebel

Also known with the “250” in a different style or font of type. Easiest to see is the two is more fancy / curvy at the bottom. Goes up in the middle & not flat on the bottom as this one. Nice tin. Typical condition from what I’ve seen.

Or how about this one with a different patent date of October 24, 1871 ?


Dwight, those are earlier Hobbs-Orcutt primers with disc anvil instead of the improved hexagonal/octogonal shape used by Hobbs’ 1874 patent model.

Excellent - I’m going to write that down in my book. Always wondered why the difference…

I have seen several of the Orcutt 1871 patent date tins with the octagon shaped anvils, but have never run across one with the round anvils. UMC was obviously selling the improved primers prior to the 1874 patent having been issued.